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Affrontare sfide con piccoli invasori?

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How can I get rid of mice and rats?
Mice can fit through very small cracks and are able to climb on all types of surfaces.

They enter buildings to look for food. They are commonly found in areas with poor hygienic conditions and close to waterways.

How do I know what type of mouse it is?

By the type of excrement and their footprint trail.

What is the most suitable bait to use?
It depends on the size of the mouse and the environmental characteristics of the location of the infestation. We have baits to die for, in the form of pasta, grains, sunflower seeds, and blocks.

How should the bait be used?
The bait should be placed where the mice have been found: close to the walls and in their burrows (those unmistakable holes that they form in the ground or in the banks of watercourses). Be sure to place the bait carefully, minimising the risk of it being ingested by other animals and/or children.

Why do the baits contain repellent for dogs, cats and children?

As a safety measure. The baits contain repellent which is a bitter substance, making them unappealing to children and pets. Since it is poison, we recommend placing the bait in the appropriate bait stations in order to prevent accidental and dangerous ingestion of the product.

What to do in the event of poisoning?

In the event of poisoning, contact the poison control center or hospital for humans, or contact a veterinarian for animals.

Vitamin K is the antidote that needs to be administered.

How much bait should be used?
We recommend using 100-150 g of product for each bait station.

How long should the treatment last?
The treatment must last at least 4-5 consecutive days. The bait must be replaced as it is consumed. In case of significant infestation, the treatment should be extended for an additional week.

How can I avoid having pesky mosquitoes buzzing around me outdoors in summer?

By acting PREVENTIVELY. Attack the insects in their larval state as early as March/April to prevent them from transforming into adult insects. In doing so, it is unlikely that subsequent complex interventions will be needed in the middle of summer.

We recommend the use of anti-larval products such as:

Mayer Antilavarli tablets: effervescent tablets that dissolve on contact with water and kill the larvae within hours.

The Larvamayer Line is an ecological alternative. On contact with water the product creates a thin film on the surface that blocks the development of the larvae.

Larvamayer Block: ideal for manholes and stagnant water.

Larvamayer Capsule: specifically for pot plant saucers and planter boxes.


What products are recommended to eliminate mosquitoes outdoors?

Formulamayer: Concentrate Plus Insecticide. The latest concentrate; containing vegetable based solvents. The triple concentration of the active ingredients makes it very effective.

An effective alternative which is less toxic:

Cypermayer: Light Insecticide Concentrate. Broad spectrum acting concentrate, with a lower concentration of ingredients. A less toxic product which is still effective. To be used with a spray bottle or backpack sprayer.

Both products are perfect for outdoor areas and can be used on plants without damaging them.

How can I avoid being attacked by mosquitoes?

Using the specific insect-repellent lotion Zanzaramayer Derma. When sprayed on skin and clothing it can keep mosquitoes away for up to 6 hours. It can also be used for children.

How can I reduce the itching sensation after a mosquito bite?

Using the Zanzaramayer Derma post-bite roll-on, a natural based liquid that instantly relieves itching and redness.

How can I eliminate annoying flies?
Firstly, we recommend following basic hygiene rules: always keep the environment clean, remove any decomposing or fermenting organic material (such as fruit, food scraps and drinks in general), and remove any manure.

Multiple products can solve the problem of flies.

Outdoor use: Formulamayer Concentrate and Biomayer

Indoor use: Moscamayer Spray and Granules, Mayer Speciale Volanti

I see ants everywhere. How can I eliminate them?
Ants are insects that live in very large colonies. They are active from spring, as soon as the temperatures allow it, until late autumn. They mainly live in the ground, in tree trunks and on leaves but travel far in search of crumbs, small food scraps and sugar.

We recommend using the Formimayer cylinder for indoor areas, especially to treat difficult-to-reach cavities such as cracks and crevices in the floor, doorframes and window frames and behind pipes, etc. The cylinder is equipped with a straw valve for precision application, even when spraying upside down.

For outdoor areas, we recommend using Formimayer powder along the edges of pavements and terraces.

Sprinkle it on the infested surface, taking care to avoid contact with people and animals. Where possible, we advise you to directly destroy the nest by spraying it with concentrated and liquid solutions such as Formulamayer, Biomayer, Formimayer Spray or Formimayer Foam.

Formimayer Spray is ideal for treating an invasion of flying ants, especially in summer.

How can I instantly eliminate wasps and hornets safely?

By using Vespamayer spray, which can cover distances of 4-5 metres thanks to its “super-jet” valve.
Wasps die instantly on contact with the product.

I have a wasp nest. How can I get rid of it?

You can use Vespamayer Foam. Thanks to its special formulation the foam envelops the nest to be eliminated and immobilises the wasps inside. It is equipped with a valve that can spray up to 4-5 metres away, making it safer for the person using it.
Vespamayer Foam Plus, the biocidal version, is also available.

Whilst still rapid acting and effective it is less toxic.

How long do I have to spray the product for?

Until the nest is completely covered by the spray.

What should I do with the remains of the nest?

First, make sure all of the insects are dead. Then, remove the remains with a broom and dustpan and throw them in the garbage.
Do not touch them with your hands.

How can I protect myself from the invasion of Asian and green stink bugs?
Using specific insecticides is the only way to combat these resistant insects.

Mayer Braun offers various products to deal with these annoying and infesting insects. Mayer Braun has several products to deal with them, which are safe for humans: Cimicemayer is a gas-free insecticide that is effective immediately and acts for 3 weeks; Mayer special Volanti is a fast-acting insecticide spray; and Formula Mayer Concentrato plus is a liquid to be diluted in water which is ideal for use outdoors and/or for large spaces.

Which type of product is the best to use?
Cimicemayer is the best to treat outdoor areas, because it is a more watery product which tends to wet more. This characteristic makes it extremely effective against stink bugs because the product penetrates the resistant cuticle of the insect, eliminating it rapidly. Mayer Speciale Volanti is better for use indoors because it is a much drier product that can also be sprayed on curtains.

NB: Before treating any surface or material, we always recommend testing the product first on a small inconspicuous area to ensure that no stains or marks form.

Can I spray Mayer Braun products on window frames and doorframes?
Certainly, it is an excellent system for creating an “insect screen” effect to prevent stink bugs from entering homes.

How can I prevent new attacks?
We recommend also treating green areas to prevent stink bug attacks because they love to shelter and lay eggs among bushes, hedges and plants. The bugs leave their hiding place and glide over walls searching for warmth: either that of the sun or inside homes.

How should dead insects be disposed of?
First of all, check that the stink bugs are actually dead. Do not throw live stink bugs outside, because they will continue to reproduce; nor in the toilet, because they are very resistant and do not drown. It is best to collect the dead stink bugs and throw them in the garbage.

What are dust mites?

They are small organisms visible only under a microscope. They feed voraciously among tissue fibres and their faeces are highly allergenic to humans.

What do they cause?

Contact with mites causes pathological conditions affecting the skin and respiratory system (eczema, asthma, cough, rhinitis).

How can they be eliminated?

Using the specific Acaromayer spray, on beds, cushions, sofas, carpets and curtains.

The product works quickly.

What does sanitising mean?

It means reducing and eliminating pathogenic micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses) from objects, surfaces and environments.

Did you know that you can come into contact with viruses and bacteria every day?

Viruses, germs and bacteria lurk in the most unexpected places, such as vacuum cleaners, air conditioner filters and car air conditioners that we use every day.

How can we protect our health and our environments?

By using specific products such as the Sanymayer range.

Sanymayer Spray: to be sprayed in crowded environments, such as schools, offices, hospitals, public transport, gyms.

Self-draining Sanymayer: specific for deeply and completely sanitising public transport, vehicles and general environments.

Sanymayer Liquid: specific for sanitising and disinfecting objects and surfaces (even children’s toys).